Official Friday Night Schedule:
Arrive and set up camp between 3-6pm

Some Vendors will be around the mountain to explore early.

5:30pm Meeting in front of wave pool and Hiking to a beautiful spot to see take a sunset yoga class taught by Chelsea Manganaro Yoga with A Proud Monkey playing some chill music feat DMB and a 15 minute Yoga Nidra with Lauren Franko Yoga.

7:30pm (optional) Happy Hour Dinner and socializing in Slocum Hollow - more to follow - looking for some collaboration here

9pm Bonfire Gathering in Camping Area 

Quiet hours at the campsite is between 12pm - 5:30am

We’re located on Montage Mountain—so be prepared for hills. We will be camping at the top of the Bunny Slope.

Rain or Shine, please come prepared. Schedule changes due to weather, please follow us on facebook and instagram to stay in touch.


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