Camping & AFTER FEST at Midland is on!

Campsite Area 1 (upper lot near midland)

This site is going to be our most convenient option in regards to location of your vehicle. It will be located at the upper parking lot area between Midland and the north face ski lift. This area does pose slight challenges that we want to make you aware of. The grounds here are fairly level and flat but also very firm and slightly exposed to wind. Were suggesting this area for anyone bringing an RV, travel trailer or tent. Those tent camping here will want to bring some level of padding for comfort and also strong metal tent stakes and a real hammer/small sledge to drive them into the ground. This area is great becuase you will be very close to your vehicles, Midland After Fest Party and restrooms.

Campsite Area 2 (upper bunny hill on ski slope)

This site will be our most seclusive area for your camping experience. It is located on the top portion of the bunny hill ski slope. This area provides more of a quiet secluded than our Midland site. Grounds here are mostly level and flat and nice and open for a strong community vibe. You'll experience an amazing sunset here and a great overview of the wavepool and surrounding water park. This area is for tent camping ONLY and we still suggest tent pads or air mattresses for comfort as well as strong metal stakes. There are bathrooms located at bunny, at Midland as well as the lodge. 

Keep the party going all night long, well at least till the music stops!! Join us for After Fest on Saturday, June 19th, at Montage Mountain right after Yoga Fest! 

5-7PM - Food & drinks available
10PM - Reflection & Tea/Cacao

5PM - DJ-Led Ecstatic Dance Experience with Adnan Shamsi
1.5-2 hr Ecstatic Dance DJ Set
30-45 min Sound Journey
15-30 min Closing Ceremony & Sharing Circle

NOTE: After Fest tickets do NOT include camping. If you purchased Sat/Sun tickets with camping, After Fest is included as part of your Yoga Fest experience!

Visit our site for more information: https://www.nepayogafestival.com/lineup 

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