FAQ and additional info? 


Event happens at Montage Mountain Water Park on June 6th & 7th.


Saturday and Sunday tickets can be purchased together to separate, but one does not include the other. Friday pass includes a hike, happy hour, vendors and optional camping.


What should you bring to the event? A MAT! We will have mats for sale at Nearme Yogas Vendor Spot, but if you have one then bring it. We suggest a change of clothes and a towel. But that is about it. Sunglasses, or a hat.


We have bug spray and SPF When you walk in. We have food for sale at Nearme Cafe Vendor spot, and also food & Water can be pre-ordered when purchasing tickets.


Event is Rain or shine, it is both inside & outside.


All schedules are subject to chance due to the craziness of the weather. We will do our absolute best to ensure you have an amazing time.


No Outside food or beverages are permitted.


What else should I know? Bring Cash, most vendors can take cards, but you don't want to miss out on that special item you want.


Where can I eat? Nearme Cafe will have Buddha Bowls (GF & Vegan options), Turkey Avocado Wraps, Vegan Hot dogs, Reg Hot Dogs, Cheeky Monkey Bruschetta, fresh juice, drinks and snacks. FCFS. Montage Tiki Bar & Slocum Hollow will also be open with delicious food. Also, Ben & Jerry will have options.


Swag Bag? We have a swag bag for the first 100 guests to check in on Saturday Morning. Door opens at 8am, you can't not get into the event prior.


Camping? YUP! You must purchase Sunday tickets with it.


Can I come & not take classes? YES! We have a Spectator Pass for $10.


Can I come if im a beginner? YES! We love beginners, meditation area is GREAT for you, but all the classes in Yoga Area 1 are great. Just listen to your body, don't over do it.


Group Intention & Theme? Connection Through Abundance, please keep this in kind and flowing throughout the day.